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Keynote & Presentations Schedule

Time Presenter Details 11:00 AM Reverend Kyle Meyaard-Schaap Keynote Speaker Author of Following Jesus in a Warming[…]

The Climate Has Already Changed: Let’s Talk About It

Is Weather Instability a Direct Outcome of Climate Change? When people talk about the environment, you’ll often[…]

Hamilton County Indiana’s Eco-Friendly Solution to Hazardous Household Waste

Hamilton County Residents: How to Properly Dispose of Your Hazardous Household Waste Every day, we use products[…]

Book Review: “Following Jesus in a Warming World”

Embracing Climate Action as a Core Christian Value I love this book! “Following Jesus in a Warming[…]

Meet the Exhibitors at Indy Creation Fest 2024

Indy Creation Fest is about inspiring and teaching people to make choices that help and heal the[…]

Go Green, Save Green with Rechargeable Batteries

Consider the items in your household powered by AA or AAA batteries. You need a lot of[…]

Won’t the Earth Be Destroyed Anyway? Why Some Christians Think Environmental Action Is Pointless

Have you ever tried to discuss ecological concerns with another Christian, only to have them say: “Why[…]

The Christian Call to Care for the Environment

Our spiritual journey as people of faith is deeply interconnected with our responsibility towards this planet. We[…]